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GPS Travel Recorder

1.01 usd

This app was incorporated a handy feature that I think developers like traveling on a smartphone could be such a thing during the trip.I remember the contents travel back from the trip. Also you can share and enjoy beautiful views of the trip to friends during the trip.This app is Free version and paid version, each function is as follows.(Function marked with * is the only feature of the paid version.)-------------------------------------------------------------+You can record the position information has been moved during the trip.*You can set the power saving function of position information acquisition.*Obtain accurate position information can be changed.+Read the location information was recorded, you can view the footsteps line moved.+Navigate to the location where I was in the recording time of the pointer on the map.*You can change the speed of movement of the pointer to move on the map.+You can be seen in Street View views of the pointer on the map, remember the travel content.+You can be automatically moved to the Street View the movement path.*You can change the speed of movement of the Street View.+You can create a Google Map URL of the position of the pointer on the map and told where to find the e-mail to friends. Your friend can enjoy the scenery of the location in Street View of Google Map travel.+You can be displayed on the map the photograph taken.+You can attach location information to pictures taken with digital camera, etc..*You can change the size of the picture to give the position information. Free version is a smaller size.*Can be adjusted (up to 60 days) of time setting error, such as smartphones and digital cameras.+You can tell a friend by e-mail to the location where the shot was taken in the photo, such as smart phones and digital cameras during the trip.+There are no annoying ads.-------------------------------------------------------------
I expect that the user will like to travel more now with this app.Have a nice trip.